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  • What is the difference between Wix and GoDaddy?
    Besides the spelling and pronounciation, GoDaddy is great for the small businesses needing a simple site without a lot of integrations. Watch out though, they are catching up quickly! It is easier to navigate due to it's template format. Meaning, it is not very customizable. This also means it takes less time to make (also = less $). Wix is very interactive and customizable. Pictures can fly in and a gallery of pictures can flip around like a rubic's cube (Check out the My Boots page). You want a picture moved, at an angle or a different size, Wix allows that. This means it takes more time to build and is more expen$ive. It can be worth it if you are a bigger business or on a mission to become a bigger business.
  • Do I really need a domain and a website hosting service?
    When you type in, that is your domain. All of the writing and pretty pictures are part of the website hosting service. They are both required to make that vision in your head a reality.
  • How do I know I can trust you?
    I am sad to hear repetitive stories about people having their money taken and left with a horrid website. I am a small business owner, just like you probably are. I have a contract to protect us both and the pay structure is set up so we both take a risk. I ask for half of my payment up front and half after services are complete.
  • Fee$ - How much and how often?
    In most cases, you will have 3 fees. One is for the domain, one is for website hosting and then one for me to build your site. My site build fee is a one-time fee. Some clients choose to pay a monthly stipend after completion for regular website updates and maintenance. Your domain and website hosting are annual fees. Your platform will email you and let you know when it is time to add your payment method for renewal. As for my website build fees, it really depends on what your website needs, which platform you use, and how much content you are providing. We will talk through all of this so you understand everything upfront and there won't be any hidden fees or surprises.
  • How long will it take you to build my website?
    Unfortunately, there is not a clear cut answer here. I can give you an idea after we discuss what all is included in your website. Wix does take longer than GoDaddy due to the amount of customization. In most cases, it depends on how fast you provide me with information. In general, I can have a website built for you in under 2 weeks. If you are on top of it and have everything ready to go, I have been known to work long days and complete a site in under 48 hours. Often, a website is published while waiting on final details (such as professional photos) and then polished a few weeks later. I include 2 minor revisions within 6 months after completion of the build for every website.
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