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Nomadic Cowgirl in the entrepreneurs toolkit for success best selling book
Nomadic Cowgirl is a best selling author

Female entrepreneurs wear many hats – accounting, marketing, P.R., sales, but we shine brightest when we focus on our Zone of Genius— our passion, expertise, and abilities. The Entrepreneurs’ Toolkit for Success offers support, knowledge, and community in these 15 chapters written by seasoned, entrepreneurs, each offering advice and actionable tips to new entrepreneurs and others who need more support, training, resources, tools, and networking.


Discover a new way to appreciate the beauty of business, life, and the power of connection with the fourth installment of the Art of Connection book series, 365 Days of Gratitude Quotes. This book will provide readers with a unique perspective on how to find joy and gratitude in everyday life. Readers will benefit from the inspiring quotes that will bring more meaning and purpose to their days and the thought-provoking questions that will help bring more clarity and understanding to their lives.

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