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Business Clarity Coaching

Coaching without the commitment.

Just Imagine...


Starting every day knowing you have support and an impartial sounding board with a wealth of business knowledge on standby ready to help you. Imagine having such clarity on your business that you plant your feet firmly on the ground each morning with confidence. 

You can have a storefront or a virtual business. You can be a startup business or a seasoned business owner. The must demonstrate follow through. My coaching style is designed for the entrepreneur or small business owner that is determined to achieve greater success and is willing to send a text message or email when they are in need of support. 

The only commitment in this program (aside from follow through) is the Initial 3 Session Startup. During these three forty-five minute sessions together, we review your business from inception to future plans. Together we review your entire foundation from your mission and business structure to packages and marketing. We will identify what is working well, any gaps, and explore new possibilities. When we build this solid foundation together, I will be able to support you successfully as you move forward. 

After completion of the Initial 3 Session Startup, you contact me when you need me. It can be once a day or once a month, no commitment required. Thinking of a new service, expansion, putting on an event, trying out some new marketing, seeing a dip in numbers, whatever it are not alone!

Let's Talk and assess whether we align well with each other. 

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