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Give Back

When you hire Nomadic Cowgirl, you are helping to give back to non-profits.
We are proud sponsors of:
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Nomadic Cowgirl sponsors Golden Roller Skates
Golden Roller Skates
We are on a mission to elevate the senior living experience by creating a positive mental health environment, build meaningful relationships, and preserve dignity to promote the concept of discover and thrive.
Nomadic Cowgirl sponsors Majors Brigade
Major's Brigade
We provide a compassionate, inclusive and therapeutic environment where individuals and families can find healing and hope thru accompaniment of horses, with a focus on Veterans, First Responders and their families. 
Nomadic Cowgirl sponsors Amplify Voices
Amplify Voices
Restoring dignity. Igniting compassion. Transforming humanity. Serving groups historically misunderstood or silenced. Empowering individuals in these communities to use their voice as an instrument of change.
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