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Beth Ann - All Things Beth - Nomadic Cowgirl

My name is Beth Ann, and I am an International Best Selling Author and the owner and founder of Nomadic Cowgirl, LLC and One Stop Non-Profit, LLC. I help aspiring and established entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality by building a solid foundation to launch or relaunch their business. I have assistednumerous motivated

founders turn their fragmented ideas from conception into reality. I have also helped struggling and exhausted entrepreneurs shift from survival to success through streamlining and automating their processes. Through business name creation and structure, to website development and advertising, I help my clients solidify their entire development process. Built in business coaching led to former clients reporting they received a thorough understanding of processes and options that lead to well informed decision making. They also report patience and understanding related to their learning process.


My entire life has been dedicated to serving others through customer service, non-profits and working in the medical field with special needs children. My passion has always revolved around helping others push past their self-limiting boundaries into greater success than they could have imagined. Though my need to serve was being fulfilled through these avenues, it was often at the expense of my expansive creative-thinking abilities.


I have successfully started several businesses of my own and co-founded two non-profit organizations. Once the thrill of creating and launching my new endeavor was over, so was my excitement. After helping a few friends set up their businesses, I found my new mission. I poured myself into videos, classes, and online programs to learn more. I learned how to use new programs, build websites, create graphics and anything else I could get my hands on.


I started Nomadic Cowgirl during a very transformational time in my life. I was on a road of healing, self-discovery, and fresh new life. Nomadic Cowgirl embodies who I am. At the time of its creation, I was traveling across the country in a travel trailer with my daughter. Nomadic. Being born in Western New York, I was raised on a ranch and riding horses at a very young age. Cowgirl. Finding my roots and finding my way.

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